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Teaching, Learning and Sales Network

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Enviroschools Wellington and Kakariki Games are developing a fun and educational learning network around this game with a bonus opportunity for schools to fundraise.

Enviroschools who register can learn the game, start teaching it to others in their school and then collect rewards for any games sold.

Click here to check out the Cloak of Protection Website, find out how the registered schools are getting on or purchase a game.

Contact Jil at Kakariki Games to register your school to be part of the network.

 The game

The Cloak of Protection is a fun and educational game developed by Jil Hemming on the Kapiti Coast. The game holds a mirror to human behaviour in Aotearoa and the consequences of that behaviour for conservation of our native bird species.

The game contains competitive and collaborative elements, developing strategic thinking.

The Teaching, Learning and Sales Network

Students at enviroschools can teach the game to other students and their families.  They will also be able to sell packs of the game, in return for rewards points for their school:


Register your school in the network: your school receives 1 free game

10  - Sell 10 games: receive 1 free game + $50

25  - Sell 15 more games: receive 2 more free games + $75

50  - Sell 25 more: receive 3 more free games + $125

75  - Sell 25 more: receive $175

100 - Sell 25 more: receive $250

Students and teachers from non-enviroschools and the general public who purchase games can choose to support any enviroschool registered  as part of the network.

All participating schools will be invited to an annual regional ‘Enviroschools + Cloak of Protection’ play-off event, beginning in 2013.

While it’s possible to make this a fundraising focus for your school by promoting the game via your school newsletters, posters or hosting a play-off event, it is also possible to be involved in the teaching and learning network without actively selling games – your school can participate in the teaching and learning fun and collect incidental points for games sold on-line.

The more people playing this game, the more fun and the more learning that will go on.

Each registered school will have a page on the Cloak of Protection website, featuring a sales progress graph, and a section for students to leave their comments about their latest game-play experiences and how they are going about teaching the game.