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Enviroschools gives children and young people an opportunity to explore real life challenges and to apply their abundance of energy and ideas. It honours where each school or early childhood centre is at on it's sustainability journey and encourages you to map out your own unique journey.  


Here we outline the key features of how Enviroschools works:

Enviroschools is a facilitated process
Each Enviroschool has a facilitator who works with schools and centres to motivate, advise, support and guide their vision for a sustainable future.  A region will usually have a number of people working as facilitators and a Regional Coordinator who ensures collaboration, networking and support between all agencies involved in Enviroschools.  
>see the ways in which an Enviroschools Facilitator can work with you 

Enviroschools is a framework for learning
A whole school/ centre approach that uses the Action Learning Cycle as a process of exploration, planning, action and reflection.  This learning process empowers students to take meaningful action in their own environment and provides a holistic overview. 

Enviroschools is a long-term journey
There is no set time to 'do' Enviroschools in. Each journey is unique and usually develops from small beginnings, gathering strength and breadth along the way.

This developing strength is supported by:

Enviroschools is about sharing knowledge
This is an essential part of Enviroschools. Local, regional and national Enviroschools events provide opportunities for all participants to learn from each other. Events are also a great way to link schools and early childhood centres with the diverse range of expertise in the wider community on sustainability topics.